Temat: High-Heeled Shoes

High heels, to some extent, can make every woman look beautiful. However, with beautiful high heels, it does not mean that every woman will look beautiful in them.Some women don't wear high heels. They don't look glamorous, but rather timid.Let high heels show you something different.
    Because high heels require strong stability, traditional Chinese shoe fabric is not
suitable.Make high heels.The most conventional and comfortable fabric is cowhide, sheepskin and other animal leather.However, animal leather cost more expensive, the requirements for the production of artisans are relatively high, so artificial leather emerged.The advantage of artificial leather is of course cheap cost, can batch quantity mechanical production, accord with the requirement of industrialized society very much.With the development of science and technology, what artificial leather can do is very similar to real leather. PU leather is typical.In addition to all kinds of leather, in pursuit of the elegance and luxury of high heels, expensive metals and jewelry are applied to the fabric of high heels.Cinderella's crystal shoes fall into this category!These luxurious shoes are uncomfortable to wear without a leather sole and are only suitable for collectibles.
    Common heel is higher than 6 centimeters just call tall heel, high-heeled shoes have
slender, reflect the action of temperament