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LENGEON 'space walk' down jacket futurism

LENGEON 'space walk' down jacket futurism
Content In the space cheap luxury bags science and technology developed today, fashion people are thinking about the same problem? Yes, the fashionable people should wear to go chaussure nike air max 97 to space? Astronauts are wearing bulky scarpe asics spacesuits, but that absolutely can not meet the mysterious imagination of fashion-type people in space, they need to develop another small stylish universe. Thus, LENGEON (Lanjun cutting-edge women's michael kors bags brand) designers played their imaginative imagination, 2013 creation of the 'Spacewalk' series of down jackets, wantonly walking the futuristic line. The visual sense of time and space is constructed with the Botas cortas UGG sense of smooth geometrical lines, cocoon profile, hooded collar like an aerospace  cap, irregular tailoring and pure color air max 2015 blocks, which is full of the illusion of stream of consciousness and keeps the practical A sense of existence A great deal of difference between the 'pan-fashion' down jacket 'formalistic pseudo-fashion' to get canada goose pas cher homme rid of Sac de voyage femme the traditional elements of fashion down jacket fashion elements piled law, from all the current popular pan-fashion out of the simple pondering A fashion. Complexity to Jane, and then break the cocoon rebirth, simplicity and the United States. Disclaimer: The above futuristic contents of LENGEON 'Space Walk' Down Jacket are collected from the Internet by 'China Apparel Network Content Department', and indicate the source of the content with clear source. If you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact us Once verified, we will immediately change! page flip



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