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Bosideng: 'warm fashion' is how to make a leader?

Bosideng: 'warm fashion' is how to make a leader?
Content China's textile and apparel industry is saying goodbye to the challenges of rising rigid costs such as labor force, international brands entering and internet new consumption Sac de voyage femme pattern impact. It is imperative to constantly speed up structural adjustment and enhance capacity in brand building, R \u0026 D and operation management . After fierce competition, in today's global competition, a group of Chinese garment enterprises represented by Bosideng Co., Ltd. have gradually matured, and their brand image and industrial chain integration are all moving towards the higher end. As one of China's most well-known apparel companies, Bosideng brand and its chairman Gordon Kang's entrepreneurial story countless times been lifted. Bosideng from the 70s of last century to start a business, become brave reform 'go-getters' and pioneer. In the 'Twelfth Five-Year' transition tide, Bosideng is still a change of consciousness and innovative thinking, keen to capture the new direction of the industry, from multiple dimensions to demonstrate the pillars of the powerful country's impression. Enterprise development article zero mentality, chasing the wind 'Strong nation 2025' Some people called the 2015 textile industry, 'the most difficult year in the history', this view is somewhat exaggerated, but the economic slowdown in the context of harsh The situation in the industry is always informed of textile and garment people: restructuring and upgrading is imminent. However, Bosideng is drying out a dazzling transcript at this time: Bosideng down jacket for 20 years (19952014) won the China winter clothes market champion; for 19 consecutive years (19972015) the only representative of China's winter clothes release trends; In the brand cultivation, system construction, continuous improvement and other aspects of scarpe asics walking in the forefront of the country's industrial enterprises, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology awarded the 'national industrial brand cultivation model enterprise' honorary title in the AQSIQ, China Association of Brand-building released 2014 China's brand value evaluation, Bosideng brand strength reached 918.00, the brand value reached 19.749 billion yuan, ranked first in the textile and apparel industry. In the high Dekang view, Bosideng brand growth process is a microcosm of the development of the garment industry, every ten years or so will experience a turning point. Bosideng London to open the flagship store internationalization beauty Review history, Bosideng's first turning point is that in 1994, Bosideng completed joint-stock reform, the establishment of a modern enterprise system; the second is in 2004, Bosideng from the industry leader, the scale of operation towards Foster brand names and international development. Into the '12th Five-Year', Bosideng face the third turning point, Gao Dekang led the Bosideng team to 'zero' mentality once again set foot on the 'new starting point and then start a business' journey, and strive to promote the company to enter the next round of growth and stabilize Bosideng Leading edge in the apparel industry. During this period, Bosideng established an efficient information management mechanism in accordance with the requirements of the new industrialization, realized comprehensive information management of the business operation process, enhanced its rapid response capability and was awarded by China National Textile and Apparel Council in 2012 'National Garment Industry Integration of the two model enterprises,' the title, as the textile and garment industry change the mode of development, the implementation of the integration of the two benchmarking companies. In 2012, Bosideng opened its door to the flagship store in canada goose pas cher homme London, England, officially unveiling the Bosideng Pathfinder overseas market. In 2015, Bosideng signed a strategic investor cooperation agreement with Itochu Group and CITIC Securities respectively, and its chaussure nike air max 97 internationalization process Into a new starting point brave to break the waves in order to chase the wind, it is these innovations for Bosideng in the downturn in the industry in the doldrums laid a solid foundation. As time goes by 2015, the 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan' will come to an end soon and look forward to the 13th Five-Year Plan. Bosideng follows the trend of 'strengthening the nation 2025' in advancing the transformation of the business model, adhering to the drive of innovation, optimizing the management system and speeding the pace of going out. As China's economy enters the shift phase of growth, the era of traditional 'profiteering' relying on labor costs and resources has gone forever. The evolution of new economic formats such as mobile Internet and online shopping has promoted the change of new human consumption habits. The alternative innovative products or disruptive innovations that may be brought by technological innovation have  also posed realistic challenges to the existing market competition pattern. In this regard, Gao Dekang said, 'The apparel industry is entering a new era of change and development, the current market is 'consumer-led', the traditional marketing methods can not bring the improvement of the efficiency of the store, garment enterprises should be pragmatic and rational view Changes in the consumer market, the focus on product research, shop visual presentation and service levels to increase more pay attention to the single store Pingxiao, rapid turnover of goods and funds, effective inventory control and a series of indicators, intentions to do fine, for consumption Who provide great value experience. 'In the high Dekang view, the' new normal 'to the company's biggest challenge is squeezed profit margins, profit growth slowed down, lack of innovation endogenous vitality. 'Our growth rate has dropped, but the quality of development must be improved. Enterprises need to take precautions and know how to advance and retreat, from factor-driven and investment-driven to innovation-driven and quality-and-efficiency-oriented development.' Gao Dekang said. Since 2012, Bosideng's 'integration of two cultures' has entered a new phase. On the one hand, the cheap luxury bags integration of the existing information system and the establishment of a multi-system information integration and integration of enterprise information portal, the business subsystem to form an organic whole. On the other hand, a rapid response supply chain system and enterprise comprehensive information platform will be established to enable resources such as people, property, information and information to operate on a unified platform to enhance management and control capacity and efficiency and reduce operating costs. In 2013, Bosideng invested more than 100 million yuan to introduce the world's leading SAP management system. One-piece streamline Botas cortas UGG workers conscientiously building to ensure flawless In June of this year, the 'integration of two' project team was established in Bosideng, 'information and industrial integration management system,' the standardization of work carried out within the enterprise. At present, the project team has completed the status quo investigation, capacity assessment, preparation and audit of system flow documentation, system operation, internal review and improvement of the system. According to the requirements of the system, Bosideng will be the research and development design capabilities, retail terminal capabilities, fast and efficient supply chain capabilities, forward-looking operational management capabilities, the ability to operate internationally identified as the core competencies needed to achieve strategic goals. On this basis, Bosideng michael kors bags has formulated the phased quantitative target to be achieved in 2014-2017, steadily laying out the 13th Five-Year Plan. In optimizing the management system, Bosideng will more clearly define the job responsibilities of all managers and establish a more scientific evaluation mechanism. In addition, Bosideng will use management-level 'subtraction' in exchange for the 'multiplication' of quick response in the market. Through the adjustment of the management system and incentive mechanism, Bosideng will pool the outstanding talents who have goals, dreams, ideas, and accomplishments. Bosideng continued to accelerate its 'going global'. Apart from continuing its traditional foreign trade business and achieving steady growth, it will also focus on promoting the overseas sales of its air max 2015 own brands. Determine the 'fashion + quality + warm' brand positioning, advocating 'quality +' product innovation thinking, 'to meet the needs of consumers and internal and external customers' as a guide, Bosideng is zeroing mentality, integration of resources and create high quality and efficiency Platform-based business. Statement: Above Bosideng: 'warm fashion' is how to make a leader? Content from the 'Chinese clothing network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source indicate the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip



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