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On the eve of July 1

Bosideng: innovation and change did not forget the true nature of loyalty
On the eve of July 1, Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee Organization Department sent a congratulation message to the Bosideng party committee. While congratulating the enterprise on its 20th anniversary, it fully affirmed that the non-government-run party organization adhered to the principle of ' 'Line of thought, formed six major characteristics of Bosideng party building, and the first party to build' leading the work law. ' It points out that in our country's economy and society are at a critical period of transformation and development, 'leading the work law' is conducive to the construction of the core values ​​of corporate culture and is of great significance to promoting the development of non-public ownership economy in the province. In March 1994, Bosideng took the lead in setting up a branch of non-public enterprises in the city and renovated the party committee in April 1999. Over the past 20 years, the Bosideng party committees have always regarded the party building as the soul of enterprise development, focusing on combining the business objectives of the enterprise with a focus on economic construction and scarpe asics Party building and promoting development. The party's forces will work together to provide the basis for political security and the source of development momentum for the scientific development of enterprises. Bosideng Party Committee directly under the Jiangsu Provincial Party  Committee Organization Department of the dual management of grass-roots party organizations to achieve the work of the party organizations and the party group companies and branches of the full coverage. In 20 years of michael kors bags exploration in the party building practice, we have gradually formed a 'grasp the direction of decision-making, demonstrated advanced in practice, spawned forces in a prosperous culture, unite people in caring for employees, striving for honesty in production and operation, Social highlight the charm 'of the six party characteristics. Bosideng party has won the 'National Advanced Enterprise Party culture pilot units, the national textile industry private enterprise construction work top ten demonstration enterprises, the country's top ten outstanding contributions to party building' and other honorary titles. 'If you compare Bosideng to a healthy growing tree, then management is a tree trunk, the staff is green leaves, and the root of the tree that provides nutrition to firmly support the entire tree is the party organization of the enterprise.' 1987 High Dekang submitted to join the Botas cortas UGG application, in 1992 to become an official member. That year, Comrade Xiaoping's southern tour speech, Bosideng also opened its own brand to participate in the new course of market competition. Bosideng adhered to the principle of 'using the party's principle as a basis chaussure nike air max 97 for decision-making' and has grasped the key opportunities such as bringing together the handicrafts industry, making a speech on the southern tour, opening up the state capital market, and 'going out' policies, enabling enterprises to gradually develop from small workshops run by the village For the public listed company. In 2001, at the Bosideng Industrial Park in Dezhou, Shandong Province, five CPC members from Bosideng headquarters organized the party branch for the first time in their hometowns. Everyone revisits the oath of affirmation, offering 'golden ideas' for the construction of Bosideng Texas branch. A series of activities of the party organization, let everyone feel the party Sac de voyage femme organization around. Later, Bosideng also had expatriate members in Sihong, Xuzhou and Shanghai, and there were always members of Party members everywhere. There was always a 'red thread' that brought everyone's heart together. 'Cultivating outstanding staff members and making each member a banner' has become a long-term mechanism for Bosideng's cultivation of qualified personnel. Yao Yili into the factory canada goose pas cher homme in 1998, originally just want to be a good tailor. Through the example of party members around her leadership enthusiasm and the pursuit of her goal is getting higher and higher. In 2008, she won the 'Excellent Migrant Worker in Jiangsu Province', won the 'Changshu Civilized Citizen' in 2009, was elected as the 15th NPC of Suzhou in May 2012, and won the 'National May 1st Labor Medal' . Later, she gloriously joined the party. In the demonstration of party members on the post, she set an example, led a large number of production technology experts. In all aspects of R \u0026 D, production and sales, Bosideng has set up more than 20 member responsibility areas and 110 demonstration members. It shows that the members of Bosideng are especially able to endure hardship, especially fighting, especially the image of sacrifice. Pick heavy burden, the cheap luxury bags key technical party to tackle problems, the party members rushed forward at a crucial moment, 'the moving scene. Bosideng implements the working mechanism of 'two-way interaction and common development' between the party committees and the board of directors. It pays attention to 'cultivating employees into party members, cultivating party members into backbone and advancing the backbone of outstanding party members to the corporate management decision-making level.' Under the guidance of the decision-making mechanism with party members as the core, Bosideng succeeded in realizing the fashion revolution, the green revolution and the revolution in science and technology of the down jacket. Bosideng now has six production bases, more than 7,000 sales outlets all over the country, and successfully entered the United States, Britain and Russia air max 2015 and other international markets. Party committees took the lead in establishing non-public enterprises in the city party schools, party service centers, youth centers and workers' homes, and Bosideng trade unions, the Communist Youth League, women's federation to form a linkage mechanism, the establishment of activities to carry out linkage, positional sharing mechanism, the introduction of conversation, regular visits , Pair support and many other systems. Through Bosideng Wenlian, Bosideng moral lecture hall, red sms, and actively carry out a variety of educational activities, cultural activities, unity, and bring the majority of workers and staff for the development and progress of enterprises to make more contributions. During the process of building a harmonious society and improving the labor-capital relations, Bosideng set up a communication platform between enterprises and employees, self-organized radio companies and self-edited enterprise internal publications, and the contact list of the Red Homestead and the party-building websites to establish a communication network between the enterprises and their employees Of the 'overpass' to promote the harmonious and stable internal environment. Statement: The above Bosideng: Innovative changes do not forget the true nature of content from the 'Chinese clothing network content' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source of the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact us, Once verified, we will immediately change! page flip



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