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adidas and timberland promise to adopt humane down standard

adidas and timberland promise to adopt humane down standard
Content International apparel brands and retailers such as Adidas, Black cheap luxury bags Diamond, Kathmandu, NAU, REI and Timberland are committed to a reliable and traceable source of down feathers. The non-profit organization Textile Exchange said the brands and retailers use 'Responsible Down Standard' (RDS) to ensure that the source of their down products is humanely collected. The 'Human Down Feather Standard' was jointly developed by The North Face of VF Group and the Textile Exchange and the Control Union Certifications, a third-party certification body. It was officially launched in January 2014 and issued in June The first certificate. Allied Feather \u0026 Down and Downlite, the leading suppliers in the development process, analyze and verify that every aspect of the down supply scarpe asics chain air max 2015 is up to standard. One of the best and best-performing feather clothing materials comes from poultry such as geese and ducks used in the food industry, but animal welfare groups are concerned because of issues such as living plucking and forced feeding. The Humane Down Standard is to evaluate and trace the origins of any down-based product, creating a chain of custody Botas cortas UGG from goslings to end products. The brands and retailers that last year promised to adopt the Humane Down Standard and recently joined the ranks include Eddie Bauer, H \u0026 M, Helly Hansen, Mammut, Marmot Sac de voyage femme and Outdoor Research.
In addition, a revised Humanitarian Down Standard 2.0 (RDS 2.0) release was released for public comment. The revised standard includes: Providing the Parent Farm model to businesses that want to go beyond any direct source of their own, eliminating downtime of any certified and unverified waterfowl chaussure nike air max 97 on the farm, strengthening animal welfare standards and auditing requirements, and raising the canada goose pas cher homme  standard for the issuance of labels Only for products with 100% 'humane down standard' verification label). Adam Mott, Director of Sustainability Development at The North Face, described the 'very successful' first year of adopting a 'humane down standard,' adding: 'Our brands and suppliers in and out of our industry promise to adopt the humane down standard Pleased to see this standard adopted quickly. ' 'We are also michael kors bags very much appreciative of the updated version of the' Human Down Fellowship 'which will enhance the existing standards of effectiveness and success and work hard to promote the textile exchange.' Statement: The above adidas and Timberland promised to adopt the 'humane down standard' content from the 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the content of the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please Contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip



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