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3,000 yuan a bubble 'no more'

3,000 yuan a bubble 'no more'
Content spent nearly 3,000 yuan to buy a down jacket, wash once fade. Recently, Ms. Yang, who lives in the South China Sea to seek justice for the matter to businesses, but the quality of the factory has no problem, due to improper consumer care caused by the consequences of its non-responsibility. Lawyers advise, expensive clothing should ask about the 'prohibition of washing.' February 10 this year, Ms. Yang in Paulis City Shangmo women's clothing store, spent 2974 yuan to buy a down jacket. March 23 wash itself canada goose pas cher homme once, because the process of washing for a period of time soaked, so there fade condition, the entire down jacket from white to pale blue. 'Clothes did not dry on the found wrong, so I called the business asked how to deal with?' Ms. Yang told reporters. Subsequently, the business promised to return to the factory testing clothes to see if there are  quality problems. March 31, Ms. Yang received feedback from the store. The result of the return inspection was that there was no quality problem with the clothes. This was the process of soaking the water in the grooming process, causing some of the mink on the brim of the garment to fade and subsequently dyed the entire garment. The day before yesterday, still Moore women's clothing store responsible person also told reporters that as the batch of clothes is no longer produced, the manufacturers have not so large area of ​​the same fabric used to repair the original appearance.
As a result of not quality problems, the consequences of this loss should be borne by consumers. Subsequently, Ms. Yang presented the label instructions on the clothing, including some guidelines on the care of the clothes, including 'washing (maximum washing temperature of 40 ℃)', 'not bleachable', 'hanging dry in the shade' 'Do not iron', 'Do not dry clean', 'Color wash', 'Non-machine Botas cortas UGG wash' a total of seven requirements. But did not point out this one can not soak. Merchants responded that 'buyers should have their own knowledge and understanding of this area for personal care.' ● lawyers say production vendors not to remind the obligation should bear some responsibility whether consumers have the obligation to fully michael kors bags understand the various knowledge before washing clothes? Reporter interviewed every day 315 public welfare lawyers, Jie Tai law firm director Tang Up to He pointed out that the tag on the clothing tag or the tag scarpe asics in the clothing should be clearly stated in what manner of washing the garment can not be used so that the consumer can understand it. 'Theoretically speaking, air max 2015 consumers should understand basic washing knowledge, but because of individual differences and chaussure nike air max 97 the constant innovation of clothes, it is impossible for consumers to know the proper way of washing each cheap luxury bags piece of clothing. This requires that manufacturers or Vendors have the corresponding obligation to inform or remind the obligation. 'In response to Ms. Yang's encounter, Tang Da pointed out that the clothes tag or inner label are not clearly not soaked in the washing, and the consequences of this case is caused by soaking, therefore, causing the current The consequences, the product manufacturer or distributor should bear some responsibility; of course, consumers will have a certain responsibility. At the same time, Tanda also made recommendations, 'When consumers buy expensive clothes, it is best to ask the seller to clear the prohibition of various washing to avoid damage to rights.' According to reports, China formulated in 1998 ' Textiles and clothing instructions for use Sac de voyage femme of graphical symbols ', the clothes should be used in which cleansing methods are more clearly defined. However, due to inconsistencies between the manufacturer's labels on clothes or inner labels, the relevant standards have not been strictly implemented. Statement: more than 3,000 yuan down jacket bubble 'no' content from 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source indicate the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact We, once verified, we will change immediately! page flip



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