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Lynx Taobao Down Pass sampling low rate

Lynx Taobao Down Pass sampling low rate of business response was cheaper no good goods
Content just past the double eleven, double twelve, you are online Amoy Down? Yesterday, many people in WeChat circle of friends are turning a survey by China Down Industry Association. Survey shows: Lynx [microblogging], Taobao sampling 38 samples down jacket, only 9 samples pass the test, but also lead to serious allergies such as asthma. Is this true? Buy unqualified down jacket can back it? As cheap luxury bags of last night's money newspaper reporter, Lynx, Taobao is still silent. However, China Down Industry Association said Alibaba CEO Office has been docking with China Down Industry Association, plans to internal consolidation. AQSIQ e-commerce product quality 12,365 complaints reporting and disposal command center has accepted the relevant complaints, and involved in the investigation. The exposure of the 29 brands and shops, the money newspaper reporter interviewed 10 random shops, more than half said they are willing to return. And for being exposed, they responded that 'cheap is not good.' In fact, as early as December 12, China Down Industry Association has released its findings in its official website, but until yesterday, this is the only one of the 38 samples sampled, The message was beaten on WeChat. The survey began in November 2014. The China Down Industry Association purchased anonymous 38 down jackets on Lynx and Taobao, including 8 men's, 21 women's and 9 children's wear. 38 samples were sent to two Chinese testing laboratories chaussure nike air max 97 accredited by the International Feather and Feather Bureau for testing on November 15-18. The results showed that among the 38 samples sampled, only 9 samples passed with a pass rate of 23.7%. Of the 29 failed samples, 26 were completely filled with ground wool, wool or chemical fiber. 'This product can not be called down jacket at all, it is malicious fake consumer fake and shoddy products, not only can not play the role of cold warmth, and even cause allergies or asthma and other diseases.' Yesterday, Qianjiang Evening News correspondent contacted the Chinese down Industry Association. Officials said frankly that due to the impact of rising raw material prices in 2013, down-doping caused a marked increase in fake phenomena. For example, excessive flying hairs and land-based fowls, decreased velvet content, pulverized hairs and mixed chemical fibers. Due to the lack of effective regulatory market online, leading to mixed use of fake and shoddy products. Especially the down jacket this hard to see the inherent quality of consumer goods, online quality problems are more prominent. Laboratory to GB / T 14272-2011 'Down Garment' as the test basis for the sample, the sample velvet content, cashmere content, bulkiness, cleanliness, oxygen consumption and other major indicators were detected. In 38 samples, the content of flannel 28 failed, fluffy 26 failed, clean 3 failed. air max 2015 Most shops are willing to return more than half of the goods involved in the goods have been off China Down Industry Association, told reporters that the relevant person in charge, they commissioned the two testing agencies, namely Zhejiang Entry-Exit Sac de voyage femme Inspection and Quarantine feather plush testing laboratories and Guangzhou Fiber Products Inspection Institute, which belongs to the industry's most recognized down feather industry down testing laboratories. 'To GB / T 14272-2011' Down Garment 'test as the basis for testing samples of velvet content, cashmere content, bulkiness, cleanliness, oxygen consumption and other key indicators for testing.This is also the most current detection down Authoritative standard. 'The exposure of the shop a total of 28 last night, Qianjiang Evening News reporter randomly selected 10 shops for verification, respectively purple East to clothing, Sanxin good clothes, the commune, the Weili Yihua Flagship store, Feisiman, pig Cami (children's clothing), Fu Bu flagship store, Wei Laiya, Antarctic people, days of vertical (Rococo children's clothing franchise stores). Among them, there are 4 shops (Purple East to costumes, Sanxin quality apparel, Korean commune, Vivi Yihua flagship store) that they do not know the product being exposed, some shops, customer service and even told reporters these goods in them The shop is very hot, inexpensive. However, the remaining six shops customer service is frankly 'cheap no good goods,' they admitted that the quality of the products are not up to standard down, they give the argument is that 'a price of goods, of course, one or two hundred dollars to buy Less than a thousand yuan of clothes. '6 of 10 shops said they would like to be returned. The remaining two purple East to clothing, cloth flagship store that can not be returned to provide services. Things have changed last night, the money newspaper reporter clicked  the link into the 29 stores page found, pretty purple star, William Brown, clothing tribe, warm baby, Benxi, ice fish group, grid equipment, South Korea tooling down jacket , Aeerohma, mocolifer, Botas cortas UGG marina militare, etc., 11 shops have been exposed product has been off the shelf. To buy substandard products, complaints can be purchased from Taicang Taobao looking down 'guarantee signs' China Down Industry Association, said the person in charge said yesterday morning, Alibaba President scarpe asics Office has been docking with China Down Industry Association, plans to internal consolidation. Yesterday afternoon, the money newspaper reporter will feedback to Taobao, Lynx official, however, as of last night money newspaper reporter, Taobao, Lynx and other official to remain silent. In this regard, the relevant departments said that the canada goose pas cher homme sale of fake and unqualified quality are two levels of things to be separated. If the e-commerce platform for the sale of counterfeit goods, the platform side has management responsibility, consumers can choose to deal with complaints; If the quality of substandard products for sale, it is a dispute over the sale of goods contract, that consumers can complain to Lynx, Taobao sellers related to access Equity, such as 'fake a lose three' and so on. In other words, if the platform refuses to be dealt with, consumers may also complain to the industrial and commercial departments. In addition to such sellers need to assume the corresponding responsibilities, the e-commerce platform also has joint and several liability. Money Reporter at the same time the situation will be reflected in AQSIQ e-commerce product quality 12365 complaint reporting and disposal command center, the relevant responsible person said that they will follow up the progress of the incident. How to buy authentic down products, China Down Industry Association to give readers the advice is to look for 'down products credit guarantee sign.' Down products credit guarantee mark is down in China Association of Industry and Commerce in 1995 registered a certification mark in the State Administration of Industry and Commerce to prove that wearing down products credit guarantee sign products: First, with high-quality raw materials down production; Second, in line with the relevant product standards, is well-made Of the high-end products; third is the manufacturer has a perfect after-sales service system. Taobao linkage police this year has destroyed more than 200 manufacturing and selling fake dens WASHINGTON, has long been the unfinished social chronic illness. December 18, Taobao [microblogging] released the '2014 Taobao linkage police crackdown report.' As of December 12, the police cracked a total of 18 cluster cases, removing more than 200 manufacturing and selling fake dens and arresting nearly 400 suspects. Taobao said it will continue to use big data to help law enforcement agencies thoroughly crack down on the source of counterfeit goods. In 2014, Taobao actively cooperated with the public security organs throughout the country in carrying out anti-counterfeiting work and has maintained close cooperation with the public security organs in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, Fujian and Guangdong. On the one hand, Taobao collated and provided public security organs around the country with the fake information they found; on the one hand, Taobao cooperated with public security organs all over the country to crack down on off-line manufacturing and selling dens. In 2014, Taobao collaborated with public michael kors bags security agencies across the country to crack down on 18 clusters of counterfeit and infringement of intellectual property cases involving more than 1,000 cases, smashing more than 200 off-line manufacturing and selling fake dens, factories and offline stores and arresting suspects Nearly 400 people, involving the types of goods: sports shoes, scarves, bags, clothes, cosmetics, diet pills, effectively eliminate the counterfeit fake, fake industrial chain. Statement: Above Lynx Taobao Down Sampling pass rate is low Business response said cheaper No good content from 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source of the content, if you copy the copyright ownership Objection, please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip



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