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Jennings is usually appealing abreast with NBA news

Jennings is usually appealing abreast with NBA news, so it's acceptable Shaq's comments will arise aback to him. We'll see if he has a response, or if he'll just alter the NBA Live Mobile Coins Hall-of-Fame amateur to his antecedent acknowledgment tweets.  Wizards' Brandon Jennings walks aback comments on Paul Pierce's adieu bender | NBA | Antic News

After some research, Wizards bouncer Brandon Jennings has done a 180 on his assessment on Paul Pierce.Jennings took to Twitter to about-face beforehand on his antecedent cheep apropos Pierce, MORE: Kelly Olynyk shows how Celtics can change adventurous vs. WizardsIn Jennings' now-deleted tweet, he intimated that Pierce, who played his final career adventurous Sunday, was accepting disengage respect, adage "1 ring don't beggarly you get a adieu tour."Apparently, Jennings didn't in actuality acknowledge The Truth's 19-year carer.

So, afterwards a stingy antecedent stance, it seems Jennings is appealing acceptance on adieu tours.  NBA playoffs: Jazz's Joe Ingles has abundant band-aid for party-seeking Warriors | NBA | Antic News

Ahead of the Warriors and Jazz playoff series, there was some absorbing allocution from the Aureate Accompaniment players in an ESPN article. Abounding players about said they were acclaim for the Clippers to exhausted the Jazz because they adopted to play in Los Angeles rather than Salt Lake City. Here's a aftereffect of what they said, abode of Andre Iguodala:

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