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How to install printer cartridge on Hp Printer Cartridges?

Installing a printer cartridge on hp printer cartridges is a fairly simple operation. However, there are many options that you can use in Printer cartridge Manager to make this process more efficient and make sure your files are printed correctly.

1. Make sure you have your HP printer model with the correct HP printer cartridge. The correct printer model of the printer cartridge side of the box is clearly printed on each cartridge. You do not need the exact model of the printer, but just get the series.

2. Remove the old HP print cartridges or cartridge and save it. You can recycle in almost any place where you can sell ink cartridges. In addition, many office stores will give you merchandise coupons if you put old cartridges to them.

3. Remove the blue film from the nozzle of the HP printer cartridges. Make the blue label of the white label facing you open the cartridge, the gray portion of the cartridge facing up, and the nozzle facing down. Depending on your printer model, there will be some black and colored points in the first place. These sections will have a black dot or black dot, next to the two color points. Install a black cartridge here. The other part will have a yellow, red and blue dot in a row. This is where you installed a color cartridge. Push the cartridge in the prison, but do not force them. Close the printer cover.

4. Check your printer to read out. It will ask if you are installing a new or second-hand black cartridge, for example. If you have ever used a printer cartridge before, even if it is only in your printer, choose to use it. Otherwise, select the new one

5. Make sure there is enough paper in the tray. Open your HP Printer cartridges Manager and select Settings and Maintenance. Click the Maintenance tab and select Calibrate Cartridge. Click Align.

6. Newly printed paper tray. You will see two series of red and black lines. Check these lines to see that this is the best route. It is best that the alignment lines in the dialog box already appear on the numbers or letters you enter on your screen. Click "Continue". A new page prints. This page will have a box in black and red, black and red cross.

7. Check the new printouts on the line to see if they are properly aligned. If they still seem to be inaccurate, repeat steps 4 and 5 and run the alignment again.

Just follow the steps described above to install, close the front cover of the printer, that is, the replacement of the cartridge, and can be printed.



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