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2018 World Cup European zone Group B focus of a battle at St.

2018 World Cup European zone Group B focus of a battle at St. Jakob-Park, fight, Portugal European champions 2-0 defeat to Switzerland, C Ronaldo out injured, and En Boluo Mohammadi has scored, Nani hit the post once, Zaka sent off before the whistle.

Portugal last weekend warm-up match 5-0 victory over Gibraltar, the European champion rotation five appearances, C- Ronaldo still out injured. Moutinho sent forward pass, but misses the target Eder left the restricted area near corner. Edel headed back swing, Bernardo - Silva 13 yards volley positive entry will play into the hands. Siege Lichtsteiner inside the penalty area hit teammate Zhu Lu hand, but the referee has not been fined. Gray Multi-pass free-kick, but Nani's powerful header wide of the left post.More fifa 17 news please visit here http://www.fifacoinspaysafecard.com/
Guerrero kick was denied the wall, Cedric 30 yards at the long-range deflection after confiscation. Switzerland 23 minute lead, Rodriguez Patricio free kick shot was barely saved, En Boluo 10 yards blank range header into the net. Switzerland first 30 minutes to expand the score, Mohammadi crossing the ball restricted the right of return  Mohammadi launched into the top right edge of the area interior strength, 2-0. Guerrero left the restricted area shot by Lee Steiner denied the bottom line.

Portugal in the second half to strengthen the offensive even for 2 people. Bernardo - Silva outside edge of the shot slightly higher. Joao - Mario inner edge of the area fell under Benzema Erie defense, the referee refused a penalty. Quaresma replaced Moutinho. The first 70 minutes but Switzerland missed the opportunity to seal the victory in advance, Benzema Erie's close range shot wide of the right post. Then in Funchal corner melee shot of Fontenay make key block. The first 82 minutes, pass Quaresma, Nani header from close range hit the right post bounce.fifaah news Stoppage time, Zaka accumulated two yellow cards sent off.

Switzerland (4-2-3-1): Zuomo; Lichtsteiner (70 ', Vader Mel), Zhu Lu, Sal Rodriguez; Behrami, Zakaria; Enbo Luo, Benzema Erie (89 ', Fernandes), Mohammadi (78' Derdiyok)

Portugal (4-3-3): Patricio; Cedric, Pepe, Fontenay, Guerrero; Moutinho (68 'Quaresma), Ricardo Carvalho (46', Mali Austria), Adrian - Silva; Nani, Eder (46 ', Andre - Silva), Bernardo - Silva

With the other two group games, Hungary 0-0 draw away to the Faroe Islands, Latvia 1-0 away victory over Andorra.



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