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Review Cheap Urwerk UR-CC1 - UR-CC1 GOLD ALTIN Men watch



URWERK UR-210 watch will remind you to stop lazy

sale Urwerk UR-210 watches cheap . Urwerk was tired of the care-free ass sitting on the settee. That's why they have developed a whole new team in Switzerland's modest team that is committed to helping you to and moving. This UR-210 watch may be the most expensive having watch ever developed. Regardless, that extra, I do not think it is useful to exercise your body as long as you're wearing.


The new see from the Swiss brand is usually UR-210, and URWERK different models of visual and technological footsteps. However , the progress of the design here is incredibly obvious, I think futuristic addicts will be in the UR-210's techie design to find them in a stretch of time to see the most delicious.

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buy cheap RICH MILLE rm 56-01 blue crystal watch . We first look at the invention of watches. This new sophiisticatedness has caused Urwerk's " winding efficiency index". Title is justified, but it is definitely unlikely to explain what is the elaborate intention (that is, transform your watch into a crying wife). The winding productivity indicator is coupled into the power reserve indicator and methods the amount of electricity generated by means of automatic motion over the past a couple hours. As you know, the intelligent movement uses a weighted one to move the mechanical observe around your wrist. Understand what move your wrist all around, you do not need to charge your own personal phone.

Often the UR-210 also includes a power arrange indicator that tells you the amount of power remains in movements. As I said, the Winding Proficiency Indicator (patent application! ) Connects to the power reserve sign and looks at the overall energy you generate in every one of the first two hours. Then information will be displayed for average from the green (you keep shaking that wonderful booty) to the red pointer (you may just eat an entire pot of the pot, wont be granted up, or maybe you are laid back! 5: 30, in Swiss you must be sober! ). The idea is that you know the electrical power you usually produce for the sport activity - you are a time and energy generator. www.cheapsalewatch.com




Once you have researched the watch and realized that you're in the red area, you could start going your arm. But you can find another function to play. Urwerk in the back of the watch using the one winding efficiency selector, you could determine the rotor tenderness. In the slight setting, often the slightest action will be draped around the main winding. In a very more tight environment, you must work harder. There is also a cease function that allows you to completely mass the rotor when you skills some type of high shock pastime. And think about it, high-end bucks 100, 000 watch really should make life better, less complicated? Despite the complexity with the interesting, but it is very sensible, you must praise Ulvik to create the concept into reality. http://www.fashiontimewear.comhttp://www.fashiontimewear.com

Urwerk's signature satellite time present system has been developed, although people familiar with the brand could easily read the watch. I absolutely liked the new dial and also thought it was beautiful. I like considerably more technical perspective and modern quality, as well as visual balance. You can notice that the size of the " hand" is larger than previous to. It uses a new homes system to support hourly paying attention to units. However , the retrograde function is still designed to resume the starting position in alarming rate. These symptoms are also painted with many SuperLumiNova.

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cheap HYT H1 ICEBERG2 148-TT-21-BF-RW watch . This situation is made of stainlesss steel and titanium, just over forty-threemm in width. This is a big but not fully huge watch. Once again, happened only have a cool case, there is also a lovely three-dimensional dial to check. In most of the titanium, that initial version of the UR-210 can be considered " naked" style. You can fully expect to look at black model and other solutions in the near future. Urwerk did not speak about " limited edition", so that i thought it was their new typical for collection.


Urwerk watches have been slightly brutal and crazy. Perhaps for me they are super loaded taste of toys. In a great many luxury watches, there are gains that make you sick, Urwerk seems to really offer store exclusive experience, providing none other person can match the characteristics and know-how. This may be high priced, but at least you get the value you paid. Now, together with the UR-210's advice, take off your personal ass and make a cost. The price will be about 137, 000 Swiss francs. On the web looking for some hands-on time frame with UR-210.

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UR-210 - URWERK complex specifications


Material: titanium metallic

Size: 43. 8mm wide, 53. 6mm longer, 17. 8mm thick

Cups: Sapphire Crystal

Watertight: 30m / 100 '/ 3ATM

Surface treatment method: satin


Caliber UR-7. 12

Gem: 51

Escapement: Swiss lever

Balance: single metal

Frequency 28, 800v or hour, 4 Hz

Gossip: flat

Power accessory: single barrel

Reserve of power: 39 hours

Hustleing system: self-winding is connected to the turbine

Content: steel plate in ARCAP P40; 3D minute lightweight aluminum alloy with brass counterweight; spring steel center cylindrical spiral; aluminum hour dish; center carousel and ti alloy No . 5 twist. Surface treatment round rinse, sandblasting, round and immediately satin panels; satin along with diamond polished satellites; bevel and polished screws.


Complex rotating satellite complications in addition to wandering hours and 3d retrograde minute hand; electric power storage indicators; winding proficiency indicators (patent pending). Relatively LumiNova handles the controlling of markers, dials, search engine spiders, hands and satellites


Increase position winding

Inside back: Winding efficiency selectivo





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