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Ending a sentence with a helping verb such as 'is' or 'does'

Hello, my question has two examples and may require two distinct answers, I’m not sure.

I am an ESL Coach, and I do not have a teacher's degree. I would like to explain these two sentences to my students.

I am looking for the grammar rule that explains how, why and when to end a sentence with a helping verb as in the two examples that follow.

1: Could you tell me where the school 'is'? What is the grammar rule for saying 'where the school is' vs 'Where is the school?'

2: If I leave my house before 6:00 AM, I can get to work before my boss 'does'. Again here, we finish the sentence with a helping verb. I know it is the correct way of saying it but do not know how to explain it.

Thank you.

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