Temat: Easy to battles the first 19 seconds

Easy to battles, the first 19 seconds, received a pass of Payton, Wukesiewici jumper. 4 minutes and 50 seconds Marek Hrivik Jersey, Fay shot in Peyton foul, give the Magic 2 free throws Rick Nash Jersey. 5 minutes and 1 second, Jefferson hand cut the ball, was Ross steals. Three finished, both sides regardless of the next, the score into 89-89 level battle.

The fourth quarter, the first 2 minutes and 2 seconds, Meeks in Ding Weidi shot foul, give the Nets a free throw opportunity Nick Holden Jersey. 9 minutes 42 seconds, Lin Shuhao mistakes passing, was Fu Niye steals. 10 minutes 2 seconds, Lin Shuhao assists, Brooke - Lopez hit the score. Nets this section feel quite good, the team shooting 60.00%, compared with the magic of 41.18% even better, which Buke only this section to get 8 points. The end of the game, the Nets to 121-111 victory over magic, to win the game victory.

NCAA has its own set of unique rules, neither the same as the NBA, nor the same as the FIBA ??rules. This is a set of rules for the NCAA that is based on perennial league experience Jayson Megna Jersey. Those parts of the same we missed, the following to say, mainly NCAA some unique rules.