Temat: The attack was limited to the introduction

The attack was limited to the introduction of the NBA in 1954 Mike Gartner Jersey, aimed at speeding up the pace of the game. The team needs to 24 seconds in the attack within the time limit to complete the shooting to complete the shooting standards to hit the basket basket prevail. In 1956, the FIBA ??introduced 30 seconds of offensive rules, and in 2000 to shorten the 24 seconds attack time limit Brian Leetch Jersey. Women's basketball from the beginning of 1971 also began to implement 30 seconds offense rules. However, in the NCAA this situation is not the same, NCAA introduced in 1984 is 45 seconds attack time limit, because it will help the players better in the field of the implementation of tactics. In 1993, NCAA reduced the attack time limit to 35 seconds, 2015, NCAA once again reduced the attack time limit of 30 seconds, it seems to speed up the offensive rhythm, is now the pursuit of college basketball things.

Can be seen, Weber and Tracy McGrady's performance is quite For Weber, this season was not selected Hall of Fame, does not mean that the probability of next season will increase. Next year, he is even less likely to be selected because several heavyweight players, including Jason Kidd and Grant Hill Glenn Anderson Jersey, will be candidates.

However, Weber said he was able to get the nomination of the Hall of Fame has been very happy.

LeBron - James is undoubtedly the league's most active voice of the players Jaromir Jagr Jersey, in addition to the field of basketball, James has also been concerned about the growth of young Americans. "We do not need more basketball in LeBron, but need more of the other areas of LeBron," he said.