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The internet - a blessing or a curse

There has been a lot of discussion in the media on the internet. Although the internet make our lives easier, there are also some obvious
drawbacks involved.

The most important advantage of the internet is a large source of various information that we can gain even in several seconds.
A further advantage of internet is unlimited contact with people, we can talked with different people by means of programs,
for example skype and facebook. Moreover, people can order transactions thanks to an internet connection. Besides, we can download
favourite games and MP3 files. The statistical data shows that the internet function almost everywhere.

On the other hand, the Internet has also it is drawbacks. The most important disadvantage is ilness which there are many people
addicted to the Internet. They need to surf many hours forgetting about everything.
An additional disadvantage of the internet is pornographic. Many people and childs are coming to the pornographic stories.
This is very dangerous. The latest medical research indicates that more one person on ten becomes a criminal.
Last but not least argument is artists are upset because the internet provides their music online at no charge to consumers.

All in all, the internet is good things who will must deal serious. People aren't spending too much time in the internet.
To my mind, the childs must be restricted by parental control.


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