Temat: Synergy between professions in wow classic

Some of the professions were meant to be chosen together. For example, Herbalism is a profession that allows you to pick up herbs found across Azeroth. When paired with Alchemy, it enables you to create elixirs from the herbs that you found. It is not a necessity to choose jobs that correlate with each other since you can always buy crucial resources or get them straight from guildmates and other players that specialize in gathering skills. Choosing jobs that work together might decrease the costs of resources, which are often high, so here is the list of which one of them have the best synergy.

Herbalism + Alchemy - Just as mentioned before. This combination allows you to gather herbs, which you can use to make potions and elixirs. Very profitable choice from which you can also benefit during raids as you can make potions for yourself, guildmates, or just sell them on the Auction House.

Mining + Blacksmithing - Allows you to gather ores necessary for crafting equipment pieces. They are chosen most often by players who want to create gear on their own.

Fishing + Cooking - Fishing allows you to catch food that you can, later on, cook with advanced recipes for profit that comes from selling them or just for consumption.

Tailoring + Enchanting - It is a good combination mostly for leveling of Tailoring since destroying equipment pieces that you made can give you back a portion of the gold that you have spent on leveling. On the other hand, you can also make use of reagents that you got from disenchanting items.

Mining + Engineering - A great deal of items made through the Engineering skill requires a lot of ore. Because of that, it is a great combination that can turn out to be quite profitable... or just fun!

Skinning + Leatherworking - Just like with Blacksmithing, this is for people who want to make their equipment pieces. Skinning allows you to gather the resources needed for Leatherworking.

Herbalism + Inscription - Scrollmakers in Azeroth will need a lot of pigments acquired through milling herbs. It makes Herbalism a perfect match for Inscriptions.

Picking two gathering professions

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Probably the most common combination of two professions are Herbalism and Mining. Gathering skills in general do not generate losses. You can only make a profit from picking up resources so whether you want to focus on collecting or not - you will be always making a bank. This synergy is especially great for players that are new to the game. During leveling stages you can increase your profits by collecting everything you come across. Later in the game during current expansion profits become even higher since raiders are buying both herbs and ores in large amounts and there is always a high demand for them.

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