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Everyone ate out at the Buy Elysium Gold

"Thank heavens we did," he says. "FarmVille wouldn't have grown as fast as it did." Within the company, there was a "friendly bet". The goal was to deliver 400,000 daily uniques to the company between June 19 and June 30. "Everybody thought that was impossible, because at the time Mafia had been out for a year and it was only at a couple million." "If you can make a million by the NBA Live Coins end of the month I'll take you to Paris," joked the CFO. FarmVille would go on to hit a million

DAUs in 5 days. Everyone ate out at the Buy Elysium Gold French Laundry. "We didn't go to Paris, but that's okay, because FarmVille did great. That milestone accomplished, the next "impossible" goal was to sustain growth. FarmVille would go on to reach 32.5 million DAU. Line those people up holding hands three feet apart and you'd go back and forth from New York to San Francisco 6.36 times. The company was glad of the cloud decision then, to be certain. But wouldn't it be impossible to top that?

Zynga thought so, but decided to go for mmogo  it with CityVille. He said there was a "radical" difference in terms of the team's focus on quality; the minimalist get-it-out principles were set aside, and the game's development enjoyed full support at every stage from numerous groups within the company. They took the time to establish a feature roadmap, prepare the team for live service, and extensively test and check the entire game, steps to an extent not taken with FarmVille.



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