Temat: ProszÄ™ o sprawdzenie - List oficjalny

Dear Madam,
I am writing with reference to the announcement that I found on the Wall Street Newspaper. I find your offer very interesting because I have been looking for the best skin cosmetic for me, but I need to know more details concerning being a volunteer.
First of all, I would like to know if in case of any injury or allergic reaction on these product during the test there will be a physician nearby? I am afraid of getting rush or something else because being a child, I have been sick often.
Additionally, I need to ask for more information about testing your products on animals. Considering to the announcement, do you do research on them, and if yes whether does any type of the tests make them feel pain? I am completely against hurting animals even if it may help providing scientist results.
Would it be possible for you to provide me with information on which kind of chemical or natural substantial is used to produce this new cosmetic? If I knew this information I would check if I am not allergic on this product by asking my doctor.
Thank you in advance for considering my request. You can contact me on my mobile: 564852197.
Your faithfully,