Temat: Bardzo proszę o sprawdzenie poprawności treści mojej prezentacji.

Ladies and gentlemans, thank you very much for coming along here today.
Let me start by saying just a few words about us.
My name is Klaudia and this is my friend Ania. We are sociology students.
I am going to talk about sociology of the family and Ania will present sociology of the relationship.
We chose this subject because family and relationship are very import ant for pe ople and sociology. The family is the basic social cell. The family born with relationship.
1.Sociology of the family.
2. Definition of family in sociology -Family is the grup of people who are related by marriage, live together, keep a house, origin and bing up children. Family is the social grup or social institution. Family is the most important In sociology and It is the basic social group.
3. Types of families:
Nuclear family- We can speak small family- this is two adult persons who live together in the household with own children or adopted children.
Multigenerational family-We can speak big family- this is marriage which lives in the house with children, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, In-laws et cetera.
Incomplite family - in this family children don't have the mother or father. The reason could be divorce or dead of a parent. The mother or father bring up children alone.
4. functions of the family as social grup:
We have fhree functions of the family:
first-marriage or partneship - which means be wife or husband
secend-parents- be mother or father
and the last- siblings- be brother or sister


Odp: Bardzo proszę o sprawdzenie poprawności treści mojej prezentacji.

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