Temat: present continous

when I am going out ,i dont talk to anyone else-nie rozumiem dlaczego w 1 zdaniu jest present continous-przecie┼╝
wychodz─Ö cz─Östo-wi─Öc powinien tu by─ç present simple?b┼éagam niech mi to kto┼Ť wyt┼éumaczy-please

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Odp: present continous

Go out has several meanings one of which is travel. So, here the author means when he si travelling, he doesn't talk to anyone. And he uses continues because travelling is a process that takes from a couple of hours to days, weeks, months and at some points of this process of travelling he doesn't talk to people. Actually, if you ever have similar questions you can check out guides like the one about coursework assistments at fineeditor.slidingboxes.com but just find the guide to your question.