Temat: poprawa wypracowania

Proszę o poprawę wypracowania, z góry dzięki za pomoc !! smile

Wiele krajów i miast ubiega się o organizowanie ważnych, międzynarodowych imprez
sportowych. Napisz rozprawkę przedstawiającą dobre i złe strony organizacji takich
imprez dla danego kraju lub miasta.
The most prestigious sport competition we have known from ancient Greece are Olympic games. Importance of that event hasn’t drop down till nowadays. Every is sure about its high rang and advantages that goes within. But should we be so confident that there are only good sides. I will try to analysis in that work.
There are many argument for as we remember last Olympic games. Greece succeeded image and financial profit. Stadiums are built especially for that event. Campaign starts much earlier. Promotion of the town is connected with creating TV spots, decoration, graphic design, clothes designed for that occasion. It’s a huge number of people cooperate together. It’s number of work places. Second part make up the tourists who will fill the town, live there, buy giving new higher tempo.
We also consider the argument against. After last UEFA Euro 2012 in Poland. We can say that we need to be conscious about every side of planning that kind of events. After news saying about amount of money preserved for built the stadium. With the end of finals it become non-viable witch is peculiar. Also many of tourist that become to foreign country is aggressive on streets and public places. It’s dangerous to go out on this time. Citizens of town are in cage of their own town.
All in all we have to see every part joined with organization of huge international events. This is only way to gain as much as it is possible and avoid debts.

Reminding of the history curs is very important as much for children as for adults. There is many kind of events that can give as imaginations, that let us touch history. They are organise mainly in summer because of weather.One of the most recognizable  in Poland is reconstruction of GrĂĽnewald battle, set on 15-th of July. Preparation starts much earlier. Organizers have hands full of work, to take care of every part of it from historical point of view to manage security. Fun interested in topic are meets frequently to know history. They read descriptions made by historical chronicle. Participants need props, clothing reminding origins. Not many crafts specialise in making this kind of equipment. They are all made for order or bought from private collectors. This huge events gather company kights from all over the Europe. As we know from history to make battle there have to be done many preparation. Soldier practice almost all their lives. There as question we have to point out how it is nowadays, how to make comparison. Before everything will happen there is time to eat with companies round bonfire eat hum, drink some alcoholic. But we have to admit that there are also ambulans on stand by. Volunteers are mess around in case of something. All soldiers play theris fights but we never know what can happen.  After having meal soldiers forms group everything starts, the reminiscence of history. It is said history make circles, here is happens in real every year, again and again.