Temat: Błagam o pomoc! Krotkie opowiadanie!

Potrzebuje krotkiego opowiadania na 3 minutowy speech. Mi nawet po polsku nic do glowy nie przychodzi;(((Jeden z tematow:

1.an important event thet change my life
2.a strange ,frightrning,or dangerous experience
3a funny incident from my childhood
4an automobile accident
5an ezciting or terroble trip


Odp: Błagam o pomoc! Krotkie opowiadanie!

I had my camera ready, spare batteries and a couple of extra memory cards. I headed to the unerground station, went down the steps and felt the cold and the wind on my face and hands as I got deeper into the station. Two storeys down was the platform that would get me to my destination. After a short trip punctuated by a few stops that allowed workers to get off and light a cigarette before heading to work, it was my turn to get off. The sun was low on the horizon, the trees were in full bloom, and the road was still wet from the previous night's rain. I braced myself for the long and lonesome walk through the woods. The woods were eery at that time of the day. Dawn is always a special moment, but now, leaving the city behind me and entering the primal forest, I felt like the last person on Earth. I had to carefully make my way around the puddles and along the path that sometimes disappeared between high grasses and the lowest branches of the tree. Nature was awake and getting louder with each step, a myriad of birds tweeting, flying and hunting their buzzing preys in the heights and digging for worms on the ground, taking off when I came too close. The smell of the rain and the moss filled my nostrils. My shoes were now covered in mud and dew. After 20 minutes the path started to go up a slope, and turn abruptly, until it met a tarmac road.


Odp: Błagam o pomoc! Krotkie opowiadanie!

The road was winding up for another hundred meters then stopped abruptly. There stood a metallic fence 3 meter-high. I had read the previous day that somewhere in the fence, there was a hole big enough for a person to get through. I followed the fence on a couple of yards and found the hole. The vegetation made it hard to find it, but I got through rather easily, making sure my camera was safe. Once inside, I realized I was in a kind of corridor made of a second row of fencing running parallel to the one I just broke through. Again, after a short time, I found another gap in the second fence and quickly went through it. I was finally inside the compound. I thought about the guard but decided it was far too early for him to be up and patrolling the perimeter. The whole area was my playground for the day...

Mam nadziej─Ö, ┼╝e jest a┼╝ za du┼╝o.


Odp: Błagam o pomoc! Krotkie opowiadanie!

Hehe zdecydowanie za duzo...:)to napewno nie jest 3minutowy speech:)Dziekuje aczkolwiek juz po prezentacji:)


Odp: Błagam o pomoc! Krotkie opowiadanie!

Nie ma za co, lepiej za du┼╝o...