Temat: James Frazer-Mann’s South East Asia Blog

My name is James Frazer-Mann . I enjoy traveling to different parts of the world with the sole purpose of exploring different cultures while also enjoying the scenery and wildlife in areas I visit. Alaska and Philippines are among the best places I’ve recently visited. I liked the nature found in Alaska. The kind people of the Philippines are what make the Philippines unique. Of course, there are also interesting places to visit in the Philippines.

In this blog, I will give an insight about the Philippines and a few places to visit while in this country.


While in the Philippines, I made my way to Oslob. This place is known for its whale sharks. I went here with my wife. Even though the place is a bit overcrowded, the experience that one gets here is amazing. We enjoyed swimming though there were restrictions on getting too close to the mammals. 

A trip to Oslob will only take a day because there is not much to be done here. However, the experience is just so amazing. 

The next stop after Oslob is Kawasan Falls. This is a precious jewel of the country that you just can’t miss.

Kawasan Falls

The Kawasan Falls is located on the jungle island of Cebu. A large number of visitors come to Cebu just to visit the Kawasan Falls. Our visit to this place gave us a better insight of the place. I’d like to share my experience in this place to give anyone planning to visit this place an insight of what to expect. 

The falls are accessible by trails up on the mountain. You can use a taxi to get you to the bottom of the trails. You cannot use a car going up the trail. You can use a motorbike to maneuver through the trails. If you want a motorbike, you can rent one from the nearby village. The other alternative is to trek to the top of the mountain. On your way to the top of the mountain, you will see various sceneries. You will have an opportunity to cross a few bridges and experience the beauty of River Kawasan. 

Once you are at the falls, you will enjoy the sceneries. It is a perfect opportunity to take snapshots. Here, you will find many other tourists and panhandlers. If you need to eat something, there are restaurants around here. There are also traders selling vests and trinkets. 

The place is always full of locals during the weekends. Therefore, you should expect it to be a bit overcrowded during the weekends. You should also expect some loud music and barbecue setups in this place. Well, the experience is not bad at all. It’s only the bad atmosphere that can wreck your moods. 

You can see three waterfalls at the Kawasan River. A large number of tourists visit the first and second waterfalls because they are easily accessible. The third one is a bit higher on the mountain and hard to reach more especially during rainy days when there is too much mud along the trails. If you manage to reach up there, you will enjoy tranquility since there are a few people on this third waterfall. 

If you are planning to visit Cebu, you should go during the off-peak season. If you go during holiday seasons, you are likely to find the place overcrowded with peddlers and tour guides who are likely to ruin your experience. 

Hikers have just so much to enjoy at the Kawasan Falls.