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LENGEON 'Smith couple' couple down jacket

LENGEON 'Smith couple' couple down jacket
Content in hardcore movies burst into the era of today followed by the series, we take a look at the tough guys fashion plaything. Perhaps you are canada goose pas cher homme still step by step in life sigh of hardcore film and television works wonderful life, but have to say that in this exaggerated we need to break free, into the tough time to release more positive energy! In the era of the most sensitive sense of the fashion industry, MAN enough of the classic tough guy styling, following  the street beauty and decadent literary man, more and more impetuous environment, the inevitable has become the mainstream of fashion: young people Use it to vent their passion, old guys use it to remember youth. Riding the Harley, playing zippo lighters, locomotive full of vintage tough guy style has become a reminder of the past, the 2013 tough guy men no complicated style changes, the classic combination of traditional loose shape and design relatively fit into the trend in the visual On the type and casual enough, today's tough-type people's trendy nirvana. Handsome jackets michael kors bags leather, work boots, jeans become the standard tough air max 2015 stuff today San goods, and even many white-collar workers as the preferred daily work clothes. Of course, the tough guys can not play handsome, cold winter, even if the tough guys have a smart mind and a strong body, Taishan collapsed in the former and their colors do not Botas cortas UGG change, when Sac de voyage femme the bitter cold windy tough guys who also need to keep warm. The functional needs have also become one of the hallmarks of the NEW tough guy. Leading fashion brand LENGEON launched its tough-bottled down jacket, streamlined jacket, windproof washable leather and oversized windshield in the fall / winter 2013. It not only shows the tough, casual, free and other iconic features of tough-guy fashion in style , But also combines the functional requirements of the winter down jacket. In the fashion and taste will highlight the male charm to cheap luxury bags the extreme, very much to look forward to. The NEW hardhat is not only the urban men's fashion plaything, gender equality, feminism is more and more emerging today, the girls are no longer rigidly adhere to the soft fashion style, more and more neutral handsome shape is also more and more female man Their favor. LENGEON (Mrs. Smith), a fall / winter couple created in the fall / winter 2013 season, is a charming combination of male and female tough guys, especially black, undoubtedly placing Angelina Julie and Brad Pitt in scarpe asics the movie 'Mr. Mrs. chaussure nike air max 97 Smith' in the fashionable, legendary, sexy and passion fully transplanted into the life, I believe not only can become men and women who love the fashion plaything, but also to enable many Fashion couple crazy. Let's get together to enjoy 2013LENGEON 'Mr. Mrs. Smith' tough guy fashion big coffee bar. Statement: The above LENGEON 'Smith couple' couple down jacket content by the 'Chinese clothing network content department' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the content of the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact us, once Check, we will immediately change! page flip



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