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160 years classic 2013 AIGLE new winter

Ice-jie web conference Sac de voyage femme then cool creative fashion down jacket that Serve hot
Content Bingjie new listing network press conference, millions of clicks, Yang Mi design gorgeous appearance, hundreds of new fashion down jacket immediately won the hot review. Bingjie brand breaks the routine and changed the traditional mode of 'off line' press conference in previous years. For the first time, the press conference was moved to 'online' and the borderless online world was used to popularize the new scarpe asics listing information instantly. The online conference was held in a special studio, with Weibo and WeChat as the main platform, synchronized the video and graphic transmission to the conference, and the consumers watched the conference contents simultaneously and immediately asked questions. Message, interaction. The conference, opened the ice Jie 2013/2014 autumn and winter fashion new product sales curtain. New down jacket hit the 'fashion my most dazzling' annual slogan, color Hyun, fabric Hyun, style Hyun, Hyun Hyun, the four series represents the forefront of down jacket style: light dance series, the main light section, the fall and winter just ; Fun paradise series, the main candy colors, clear and light, simple and happy; Phantom of the city series, pay attention to the modern fashion modeling elegance and sophistication; Twilight Forest series, distinctive style of casual personality, with casual practical, with flexible. Press conference, revealed according to the degree of concern of the consumer network, 'Bingjie top ten network hot models,' narrowed the distance between the brand and consumers. At the same time, awarded the 'Consumer Award for Best Comment' to enhance the voice of consumers, let Bingjie consumers become deeply involved in the trend of fashion brand. Yang Mi design section, Bingjie is the key style every year. Brand ambassador Yang Mi, while serving as a fashion trend consultant Bing Jie, a small test every year, personally involved in the design Botas cortas UGG of fashion down jacket, 'Power' every year as Bingjie selling models, creating a spokesman for the introduction of exclusive models of successful examples. This year, Yang Mi has launched three 'power', with sweet, simple, fresh and light section-based, full of canada goose pas cher homme romantic style, michael kors bags immediately attracted fans sought after. Conference, at the same time unveiled the 'Yang Mi creative story award', consumer power of 'power story' reflects the young people highly agree  with the brand. As a down jacket leading company Bosideng brand, adhering to the 'youth, fashion, fashion, vitality,' the style of positioning Bingjie, the future will be down jacket as the core category of fashion women's brand as a new vision, focus on the interpretation of 'confident happy girls' to To meet the cheap luxury bags 18 to 35-year-old chase trend, air max 2015 so fashion, enjoy the happy life of the new generation of girls. Bingjie, general manager of Bingjie Cheng introduced at the press conference, Bingjie not only to provide consumers with high-quality down jacket, more importantly, to bring you more confident, happy fashion experience. From the product, communication, activities and other levels, to strengthen communication with young consumers, so that the brand resident in the heart. To this end, Bingjie annual 'fashion fan club' at the conference also announced the national tour departure. Gui Yu Meng, Wang Min, Zhu Jing Jia, Su Ding Qi, and popular online singer Tao Yuyu became famous in this year's 'China Good Sound', 'Blossoming Flowers' and 'Voice of China's Dream' Fans of the star candidate, will go to more than 50 cities across the country, close interaction chaussure nike air max 97 with Bingjie consumers. Borderless network of communication, the most dazzling fashion new products, hot star design models, as well as the massive 'fashion fan club' ... ... this series of actions all reflect the ice-cleaning brand for the full speed of desire, but also for Bingjie Become a down jacket as the core category of fashion women's brand has laid a solid foundation. (Wang Zhongling) Disclaimer: The above ice clean network conference and then hyun fashion creative fashion down the market that hot content by the 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the content of the source, if you Objection to the ownership of the copyright, please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip



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