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Three years later, Guangshan will be built in Henan Province, the larg

Content 'to deal with the new normal, open up new ideas, and comprehensively promote the wisdom of Henan down industry.' On September 23, '2015 canada goose pas cher homme Henan Province Down Industry Conference and 2015 China Down Industry Innovation Forum' was held on the theme of Guangshan County Cultural Center in Xinyang City, Henan Province. China National Garment Association Yang Jinchun, China Garment Association Down Professional Committee Qu Fei, Henan Garment Industry Association, Li Gang, Secretary-General Liu Jixiang and other clothing from inside and outside the industry associations, business representatives of a total of more than a thousand people attended the meeting. According to Liu Ji-hsiang, secretary-general of Henan Garment Industry Association, the organizer of the event, the mission and purpose of this conference are to implement the directives of Guo Gengmao, secretary of Henan Provincial Party Committee, 'to build Guangshan County into the largest down garment industry county in the country.' . After reviewing the development of Henan feather industry, we can correctly understand the status and influence of Henan feather industry in the large pattern of down industry in our country and the severe situation we are facing. To explore the new normal chaussure nike air max 97 mode, the icebreaking Henan industry down, michael kors bags innovation and development mode and path. Guangshan County and other places focus on the layout of the down industry cluster, highlighting the government guidance, industry guidance, market-oriented, into the influence of strategic considerations, efforts to build Guangshan County Down industry innovation, upgrading, cooperation and development platform to promote the Guangshan County down industry and the coastal developed Regional counterparts to strengthen brand, capital, technology, talent, all-round, multi-field, wide-dimension cooperation. Agglomeration advantages of resources, give priority to Guangshan into a 'China Guangshan down industry county' and 'Henan Guangshan down industry cluster' to fully seek the wisdom of Henan down industry. Wang Guangping County Mayor Wang Guangping said that Guangshan County will be 3 to 5 years of efforts to form a total economic output of 10 billion yuan of industrial clusters to build an annual output value of 500 million yuan more than 4 leading enterprises, 100 million scarpe asics yuan backbone enterprises 20 . The county with an annual output of down cold clothing reached 50 million, the feather material market built China's largest air max 2015 professional market. Guangshan is a hot spot for investment.Down industry has a long history, good industrial  base, obvious cheap luxury bags industrial advantages, with the advantages of investment down apparel projects unique hope that the domestic brand companies will be Guangshan as a partner, together Baitui development, work together to create down clothing development A bright tomorrow. 'Zhang Fu, vice mayor of Xinyang City, said. At the meeting, China's coastal provinces Chamber of Commerce, 6 representatives of the Association, the famous down garment enterprises 5 representatives and the Guangshan County Government signed a strategic cooperation and investment intentions; Henan Province, tertiary institutions, research institutions 5 representatives of the upstream industry chain agencies Five representatives signed a strategic cooperation book with the Governing Committee of the Down Industry Cluster in Guangshan County. In addition, the conference also praised Botas cortas UGG the 2015 best-seller in Sac de voyage femme Henan garment industry and the best cooperation unit in Henan garment industry. Statement: Over the past three years, Henan Guangshan will be built into the country's largest professional market down material from the 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source of the content, if you disagree with the ownership of this article , Please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip



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