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Do you know How to add cartridge ink to the printer?

Nowadays, So many people purchased Dell printer cartridges,  but most of them don’t know how to add cartridge ink to the prinkter.  At that situation , the printers will more easily broken.  So today let’s talk about how to add cartridge ink to the printer so that you will know how to use it.

1. Take a clean paper to put the cartridge on top of the cartridge.

2. The top of each cartridge is close to an adhesive tape, and there is a hole in the cartridge ink underneath the tape.  As long as gently tear to see (tape tear do not discard, add cartridge ink after the tape with it again sticky).

3. The purchase of the ink is generally more convenient to add the cartridge ink to the mouth of the mouth, careful to squeeze ink into the excessive too much.  Because there will be bubbles generated. This step by step can be added slowly.  Add ink recommended tape and then seal the hole. This prevents ink from spilling and dusting.  (Generally add ink when the ink bottle recommended when the two or three grid look, see the specific size of the ink bottle it will have instructions). The original ink cartridges do not add ink holes. But you can see a concave dots, which can open their own ink hole. Need to use their own knife to open a hole carefully.  The process of opening the mouth Do not let the plastic fall into the inside, after opening the mouth in accordance with the above mentioned ink (their opening will make the original ink cartridges lose the ability to read the amount of ink).

4. If you replace the equipment for the supply, you need to go to a special printer sales repair place to replace the equipment.
If you print ink after the light, you need to clean the print head inside the settings (not their own to wash, is the printer driver settings inside) effect will change.

Hope these words will help you to know more about cartridge ink and printer cartridge.



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