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That's why we're using the fifaah

I'd rather try to FIFA 18 Coins give you all some idea of how free agency might work whenever things get back to normal. It was slated to be a pretty down year for free agents anyway, but even with new rules, teams probably won't be able to help themselves and will be trying to figure out ways to get better.So, without further ado, here's an offseason preview for when free agency starts in July. Or August. Or September. Or October.

Or February.(Editor's Note: Special thanks to Larry Coon's Salary Cap FAQ, HoopsHype and Sham Sports for team salary numbers and information on FIFA Mobile Coins different cap rules). Geoff Petrie looks pretty relaxed for someone who is heading the basketball operations of a struggling team that has no money.FIVE TEAMS WITH LOW PAYROLLSThis is the trickiest part of this exercise, since we don't know whether there will be a hard cap, what the cap level may be, when this new cap will be phased in and what (if any) exceptions will be available for teams to use.

That's why we're using the fifaah phrase "low payrolls" instead of cap room.1. Sacramento KingsPROJECTED 2011/12 PAYROLL: About $32 million for 13 players, including rookies and qualifying offers. KEY FREE AGENTS: Samuel Dalembert, Marcus Thornton (restricted)TEAM NEEDS: Point guard, center.The Kings still need to keep costs down, but as it stands,

they are projected to have the most cap room once the lockout ends. A good chunk of that room will probably be used to keep Thornton, who averaged over 21 points a game with decent efficiency after being traded from the Hornets. They could also keep Dalembert, who was in and out of the starting lineup for them, but was a rare veteran on a rudderless team. If they let him go, they'll need another big to go with DeMarcus Cousins and Jason Thompson.



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