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Madrid S.A.D has renewed with Griezmann 3 weeks ago

FIFA rejected the Atletico's appeal request, this summer bed corps still can not carry out the transfer operation, Manchester United was not auspicious feeling. Now Gleeszmann was exposed to stay at Atletico Madrid, Manchester United embarrassed once again interpreted the "price of the Union" sad reminder nickname.
Prior to Gleeszmann almost became Manchester United in the bag of things, the French repeatedly said he left the Atletico will visit the Premiership, Manchester United also almost finalized the transfer of the knife. But Atletico is a low-key for a renewal, monedas baratas fifa 17 xbox one for the face of FIFA is given adverse results of the appeal. "Aspen newspaper" revealed: Atletico 3 weeks ago and Gleeszman completed a renewal for the French pay, Gleeszman also final signature, the contract to 2021 deadline.
Facts have proved that atleime work to do a good job, the bed of the Legion feel FIFA may maintain the original verdict, so Gleesman transfer Manchester United will fall, for the loss of personal interests of Grelezman, Manchester United was exposed before the 1700 Million euros, Atletico is also out of the same price, even if the final transfer miscarriage, grid knife is also a substantial increase in salary. If Gleeszman finally left the team, compra monedas fifa Xbox one Atletico did not have to bear any salary. Manchester United is an indirect help to help Gleesman salary increase.
In addition, Atletico also retained the rest of the important players, Cork and the club has been renewed, the midfielder generals will continue to remain in the Atletico, the future Atletico and Torres, Obraque, Saou Seoul and others to complete the renewal, Atletico's main team still will not be dissolved.


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